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Each day in Uptown Bay City, we are given the privilege of seeing firsthand the astounding change that has taken place along the riverfront in our community. It fills us with purpose and fills us with pride.
Uptown is just one area of Bay County’s resurgence. In a variety of places throughout the county residents are gainfully thriving in their pursuit of a better quality of life for their loved ones and their children. We realize that this trend is imperative and needs to continue. At the heart of that pursuit is the key to our future: businesses, jobs, and people.
While we are enjoying Bay Future, Inc.’s successful completion of the recent The Future is Now campaign (2016-2018) with its out-performance in jobs creation and capital investment, we realize that so much more work and effort is yet to be achieved to get us to a dramatic rate of growth that can compete with other like communities. For this reason, we have accepted the responsibility as campaign co-chairs to make a lasting difference!
Our new plan is called “Bay Future: Drive. Forward .” and we need your help.
We need you to join us in driving this campaign and its economic growth initiative to success! We manage significant community assets and workforce in Bay County. We both are committed to this endeavor and we hope you can commit and invest in Bay Future: Drive. Forward!

Program of Work Bay Future: Drive. Forward. 2020-2024 

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Press Release: Bay Future, Inc. Kicks Off "Bay Future: Drive. Forward." Capital Campaign 

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