Bay Future: Drive. Forward. 2020-2024



The Future is NOW  2016-2018




  • Retain and expand the existing business base in greater Bay County.
  • Establish and reinforce the image of Bay County as a “pro-growth” location within the Great Lakes Bay Region.
  • Increase the inventory of “shovel-ready” sites/acres in Bay County and targeted available building space/square feet.
  • Increase the interest (measured by contacts, visitations, etc.) amongst strategic targeted companies in Bay County (and beyond).
  • Improve all aspects of the support network for Bay County entrepreneurs.
  • Establish an Opportunity Fund to be able to incentivize economic development projects in the County.

Tactics for Success

I.    Retain, Support and Expand Existing Industries & Entrepreneurial Growth

II.   Global Business Attraction & Marketing

III.  Workforce Retention, Recruitment, and Development

IV.  Deliver a High Quality, Results Driven Service System to Investors