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Clarence Sevillian
President & CEO
McLaren Bay Region
“Whether it be Bay Future or the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance who we work together with- it’s a good partnership and we all have the same common goal and making sure we’re working together and pulling in the same direction- that’s an important piece.”
Kristen Wenzel
Great Lakes Bay Michigan Works!
"Talent recruitment and talent retention are essential for business growth and business attraction. The Skilled Trades Training Fund, now titled Going Pro Talent Fund, provides competitive awards to employers to assist in training, developing and retaining current and new employees. It helps Michigan employers have the talent they need to compete and grow. These grants are only available through the Michigan Works! Network. Since these competitive awards were first offered in 2014, Bay Future has worked diligently to ensure Bay County employers had access to this funding opportunity. This has resulted in $699,583 in training awarded to Bay County employers supporting the training of 818 employees.

Bay Future understands the value of strategic partnerships and how to leverage them to serve employers in Bay County. +
Mark Flegenheimer
President & CEO
Michigan Sugar Company
"My feeling is that jobs solve all problems. If we’ve got a fully employed community, all of those great other things we like to do: live, work, and play in this area come to fruition- whether it’s the arts or whether its recreation. I think it all starts with jobs and having a strong economic development group is the cornerstone to that."
Mary Kulis
Area Manager
Consumers Energy
"With competition for jobs and development at an all-time high, there is no standing still. Our peers throughout the state and region are conducting economic fundraising efforts right now. We have the right team and a strong strategic plan in place at Bay Future to deliver results. I am confident business and community leaders will support Bay Future's efforts to achieve sustainable growth and prosperity for our community."
Michael Day
Falcon Asphalt Repair Equipment
“Bay Future was very instrumental in helping us move and finding a site location that would facilitate not only our current need but our need for growth. We’re very optimistic in the near term 5 -10 years of being able to add on to this facility and even to bring more vitality and benefit to Bay County.”

Our Mission

Bay Future, Inc. is dedicated to facilitating economic development strategies that promote and secure opportunities for business retention, growth, and the attraction of new industries that create quality jobs for community residents.

Targeted Industries

Bay Future's proactive marketing and attraction efforts are focused on specific target industries identified and outlined in the Capital Campaign process.  We believe we offer these industries a distinct competitive advantage over other communities. Whether it is access to talent, infrastructure, or incentives, Bay County has what these industries are looking for.



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